In recent years, there has been an increasing focus on moles and skin tumours.
There are numerous common misconceptions about these skin disorders, e.g. ‘it is better not to touch it’; and there is alsoanyajegy eltávolítás significant uncertainty about the way they should be removed.
 Removal of real moles by the well-renowned laser, freezing (cryotherapy) or burning (cauterization) might stimulate the development of tumours that are difficult to distinguish from the mole residue and is therefore not recommended.
Therefore, we use the only appropriate technique for removal, i.e. surgical excision.

The mole can be removed entirely by using exclusively this method enabling the further histological analysis that we perform after each surgery.
We exclusively use surgical techniques used in plastic surgery to promote best healing because aesthetic results are very important to us.
 We perform the pain-free operations in a friendly environment with appointments available at short notice at a reasonable price

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What we offer

With the help of an assistant during scheduling an appointment over the phone, we discuss the activities before the surgery and give answers to any relevant questions that may occur. It is also possible to make an appointment for a separate personal consultation. The treatment is performed within a short timeline, in the pleasant and friendly environment of our office. The surgery is painless due to the local anaesthetic. During the surgery, the entire mole or skin tumour is removed and an appropriate surgical excision margin is left around the skin disorder. We use internal and sub-cuticular stitches and apply several other plastic surgical techniques because our primary goal is the aesthetic healing. Histological analysis is performed after each surgery and results are discussed during the check-up.